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Molecular Express, Inc. now offers a line of vaccine research and development tools for academia, biotech, pharma, government research facilities and grant awardees.   Our products are designed to be easy to use and achieve superior results. We hope our products become an important part of your Research and Development Toolbox.

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VesiVax® Conjugatable Adjuvant Lipid Vesicles Kit

Using the VesiVax® system, it has never been simpler to test your antigen. The VesiVax® TLR line of kits provide a set of adjuvants that are designed to generate consistent results while eliminating potential side effects of conventional adjuvants such as alum. For more information click HERE

 Features of the Vesivax kit:

Easy to use

 Formulate and test within hours, not days or weeks

 Just mix and filter

Cost effective

Reproducible conjugation efficiencies

Simplifies vaccine development process

Stimulates cellular and humoral responses

cGMP compliance capability


Kits Available –

VesiVax® TLR4 Conjugatable Adjuvant Lipid Vesicles Kit

VesiVax® TLR2 Conjugatable Adjuvant Lipid Vesicles Kit

VesiVax® TLR0 Conjugatable Adjuvant Lipid Vesicles Control Kit

... and coming Soon kits for TLR3, TLR7/8 and TLR9 !


To order click HERE or contact us at (310) 635-5502 or at

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