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Molecular Express is a R&D technology company that specializes in the application of life science related technologies to address market needs across a broad spectrum of industries.  The Company’s lipid and "Molecular Guided Particle System (Molecular GPSTM)" molecular delivery platform forms the basis for many active programs aimed at developing anti-cancer therapeutics, drug delivery systems, vaccines and nanoparticulate drug delivery technologies.  Preliminary studies demonstrate that the Molecular GPS™ technology platform can be used to develop a variety of vaccines for emerging infectious diseases.  Molecular Express is applying the Molecular GPS™ technology platform to develop products in the areas of influenza, herpes, other anti-cancer therapeutics and tissue regeneration.

Molecular Express and its collaborators have extensive relationships with scientists and researchers throughout the world.  These investigators are in academic institutions and commercial settings alike, thus providing a unique interface between the academic, governmental, clinical and commercial disciplines.  The Company and its scientific team have significant experience in process development, documentation, scale-up and cGMP manufacturing.

Molecular Express currently has active research and development programs in the fields of oncology, therapeutics and vaccines.

Oncology Program

Therapeutics Program

Vaccine Program